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Terminal Marítima de Arrecif

Terminal Marítima of Arrecife modernises its facilities

Terminal Marítima de Arrecif

TMA's modernisation work completed

Terminal Marítima de Arrecife has undertaken an ambitious investment plan over the last year, aimed at modernising its installations and equipment, to adapt them to the future of the Project and its operational needs.

The investments have consisted of:

  • Improving the road surface of the site, concreting an area of more than 10,000 m2, thereby improving circulation inside the enclosure, less wear and tear on machinery tyres, less fuel consumption and better operating conditions.
  • Improved environmental management through the installation of a grease separator and a new industrial waste collection and separation system.
  • Construction, annexed to the main office building, of a workshop building to improve the conditions in which machinery maintenance tasks are carried out, to have its own space for the workshop and to improve safety conditions for mechanics and maintenance personnel.
  • Complete retrofit of one of the terminal gantry cranes, consisting of the complete replacement of all the electronic and mechanical equipment, achieving levels of reliability and response of the equipment equivalent to those of a newly built crane.

The total committed investment has been around 2 million euros, in a clear commitment to the continuity of the project in the long term and to the improvement of the services provided to our customer in Port of Lanzarote.