About us

We manage Maritime Terminals

Our experience, capacity and attitude define us. We remain continually growing.

About us

We manage Maritime Terminals

Our experience, capacity and attitude define us. We remain continually growing.


Gesport Atlantic is a young group born with the purpose of developing and implementing a different and unique way of managing port terminals.

Our rapid growth endorses the experience of its promoters. Since our birth in 2013, we have grown to manage 2 port terminals.

Gesport Terminal Marítima in the Port of Las Palmas and Terminal Marítima de Arrecife in the Port of Arrecife Lanzarote.

We have also managed two railway terminals in Huelva and Jerez de la Frontera and a logistics hub for the American multinational APR Energy. We have also designed and set up port terminals for TCT in the Port of Tenerife, Logiscrap in Las Palmas and JSV Group in Palma de Mallorca and Alicante.

Today the group is made up of four companies:

Gesport Atlantic

Project and strategy development.

Head of the group from which port management projects and logistics projects are developed.

Gesport Maritime Terminal

Multipurpose terminal and stevedoring company in the Port of Las Palmas.

Located on a plot of more than 65,000 square meters, with 4 logistics warehouses, a main office building that offers rental to companies in the sector, a reefer area and a storage area for containers and general merchandise. We have the two most modern gantry cranes with the highest lifting capacity in its entire area of ​​influence (86 Ton).

We also manage several additional areas inside the port. Specialized in the loading and unloading of ships and auxiliary stowage services, we provide services to clients specializing in the movement of containers, ro-ro cargo, solid bulk, offshore projects linked to oil platforms, onshore and offshore wind power, supplies and general merchandise.

Arrecife Maritime Terminal

Container terminal and stevedoring company in Lanzarote.

Container terminal and stevedoring company. Located on a plot of more than 17,000 square meters in the Port of Arrecife in Lanzarote, it has two high-capacity gantry cranes and is specialized in moving containers, solid bulk and wind projects.

Gesport MACBSA

Machinery rental company.

Machinery rental company at the service of the port community of the Port of Las Palmas. We have made our equipment available, among others, to the World Food Program or the provisioning of cruise ships based on the Island.

This is us!

All projects

are a challenge.


In the Gesport Group we consider the culture of work, customer service and identity integration our fundamental pillars. We value everyone who is part of our humble port community as a fundamental part of our project.

Gesport is everyone from workers to customers, from the largest to the smallest; going through suppliers, port stevedores and external collaborators Gesport. With this mentality we develop each project and each operation.

We never dismiss a project or a service request, however far from our area of ​​influence it may seem. We only ask for more time to find the best way to carry it out; And that sets us apart from the rest. This philosophy has led us to shoot movies at our facilities, to provide logistical support to development aid programs, or to design and implement new loading and lashing systems for large offshore parts.

We are unreservedly committed to achieving the best performance, both in port operations and on land, without this being at odds with safety, which is the top priority in each one of our actions.

We are guided by an internal code of conduct, Corporate Compliance,prevention and safety at work manuals and continuous training of all our staff.



Francisco Naranjo González



Director of operations of various port terminals in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain since the year 2000, as well as Director of International Terminal Development.

Daniel Báez Reina



He has been director of the Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone for five years and manager of the Port Employment Center (CPE).

Dani Baez joined Gesport as Financial Director in 2017.

José Miguel Henríquez Vega

Director of operations


For three years he was a mechanic at the OPCSA terminal, later working as a stevedore at the Port of Las Palmas.

He joined Gesport as Operations Manager in 2015.


We have the ISO-9001 quality and ISO-14001 environmental certifications in force. We have signed the Agreement on Good Quality Practices in the provision of port services with State Ports and the Agreement on Good Environmental Practices with the Port Authority of Las Palmas. All our machinery is annually certified by Lloyd’s Register for its quality.

At the customs level we have the highest customs certification (A.E.O.), in addition to having a Temporary Deposit Warehouse, Customs Warehouse and REF (Tax Warehouse).

in addition to having external advice on prevention, we have our own of Prevention of Occupational Risks Department, participating in the Professional Health and Safety Committee in the field of stowage in the Port of Las Palmas. Read the quality policy.


Gesport Atlantic Ⓒ Copyright 2021

Gesport Atlantic Ⓒ Copyright 2021